4 1/2 stars from The Romance Readers Connection

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May 4, 2013 by roadmancebooks

Drop by the RRC for great reviews

Drop by the RRC for great reviews

Here’s another wonderful old review for Forecast, from the Romance Readers Connection.

Rowie Shakespeare comes from a long line of red-haired psychic women. Able to predict the weather with amazing accuracy, Rowie often gives the daily forecasts to her neighbors in front of her family store, Second Site, while gazing up to the billboard of the handsome weatherman, Drew Henderson. Living with her mother and grandmother is bittersweet for Rowie, however, and she dreams of finding her own path in life.

When Drew is injured in a hurricane, a TV producer decides to use Rowie as a fill-in. The network is thrilled with Rowie’s ratings, but Drew wonders about his job security. And Rowie’s family business begins to fall apart.

Still, Drew and Rowie are definitely attracted to each other, and one kiss lets Rowie know that Drew is her One True Love. If only that meant that “happily-ever-after” was right around the corner! When Rowie is given Drew’s job permanently, Drew is furious. Rowie loses her soul mate only days after finding him, and returns home to find that her grandmother has decided to sell Second Site. Now, Rowie’s journey truly begins. Can she find her way back to Drew, or is she destined to live alone? And what will her family do without the store to keep them together?

This novel is both funny and heart-wrenching. Rowie is an adorable character, with enough feistiness and pragmatism to offset the flakiness usually associated with psychics or witches. Drew is definitely human, with many flaws but also wonderful traits. The world of psychics and family love was explored and challenged, with an intriguing and wonderful ending. It was enjoyable and exciting to read their story!

Reviewed by Rista Tompkins
Rating: 4 1/2


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